How to Get Involved

Staff Diversity Group

What does it mean to be a SDG member?

Our mission is to embody the UCSC Principles of Community by promoting an inclusive campus culture that celebrates difference and values diversity in all its forms. We strive to contribute to a more just, equitable, and tolerant society through our day-to-day speech and actions, both in the workplace and in our communities. We support these aspirations by educating ourselves and others, and by treating all members of our community with consideration and respect.

We meet monthly usually near the lunch hour so it is easier for staff to get release time and attend our meetings.  It is not mandatory to attend all the meetings to be a member.  At these meetings we usually have a guest speaker followed by open discussions for the first part of the meeting (this the educational component of our mission), and then we spend the last 30 minutes of so discussing our future goals to spread our message to the staff at large.

What is the criteria to become a member?

The Staff Diversity Group is made up of any staff member who has passed probation.  The Staff Diversity Group was started 2 years ago by graduates of the Diversity Certificate Program and members of the Staff Advisory Board who felt strongly that diversity education was an important element in staff life here at UCSC.  We are an independent staff group but we are supported financially by the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.  We currently have about 80 members and our numbers are growing as more people become aware of the group.

Who do I contact?

Ricki Carr,

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